enhanced Aesthetics and biodiversity through vertical planting

Living green walls

designed and built in Luxembourg

We design, build and install living green walls on the exterior facade of any type of building. We take pride in our product: all components are designed by us and manufactured in-house. The system is then assembled and installed on site by ourselves. For us, lasting aesthetics is more than a promise, it’s a guarantee.

 Key to lasting aesthetics of a green wall is the choice of plants, a simple, robust soil retaining system which respects the needs of the plants and an efficient watering system. We base the choice of plants on their aesthetics and their value for encouraging biodiversity. We favour evergreen plants, in a mix which offers an extended flowering season and changing colours and textures as the months go by.

We use gabions fabricated from galvanised steel mesh and fitted with a geotextile to retain the grow medium. At the end of their service life, the components can be easily separated and reclaimed. We favour a locally sourced mix of soil and volcanic gravel as a grow medium for its superior structure, low carbon footprint and its sustainability. The watering is taken care of by a micro-processor controlled autonomous irrigator. Our irrigator can happily be fed from a rainwater recovery system and powered by a solar panel. Sustainability is the governing principle of our design. We will work with the structural engineers and other building professionals to tailor our solution to the specific requirements of your building. Call us or mail us to discuss your project.

green wall luxembourg
Jardin communautaire Sanem

A green wall is taking shape

an autonomous, solar-powerED irrigation system

Automatic watering

for everyone

Our irrigator does not require a connection to the water or the electric grid. A solar panel is used to power a low voltage pump which sustains the water flow. 

The water is taken from a tank, ideally a rain-water harvesting tank. A set of magnetic valves distributes the water on different zones. A programmable micro-controller is used to control the system. 

The condition of the soil is monitored using moisture sensors which trigger the watering if required – and avoid wasting water through over-watering.

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Jiddereen sarl SIS, a socially and ecologically sustainable company was founded in 2017.  We are engineers and we design, build and install our products ourselves - the full service out of one hand. We are proud of that!

We are looking forward to hear from you and your exciting greening projects.

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