Automatic watering for everyone

Our automatic watering system takes care of your plants by watering them exactly when they need it. The system is fitted with a set of moisture sensors which monitor the state of the soil continuously. The watering is triggered when these sensors detect that the soil is becoming too dry. The watering is preferentially applied during the night when the evaporation rate is low, thus making optimal use of the water.

The whole system is controlled by a micro-controller which collects the information from the sensors and decides if watering is required. Up to 6 individual zones can be served, allowing for the varying needs of different plants or serving the differing needs of different planting situations and locations. For instance, the same system can take care of a set of hanging baskets, potted plants, a green house, a vegetable patch … There is also a small pump to inject liquid fertiliser according to predefined schedule.

Naturally, the system should be connected to a rainwater harvesting system, but it can also be connected to a hose pipe. The level of the water tank is being monitored and a warning is issued if it falls below the minimum level. The energy required to power the system is provided by a solar panel connected to a storage unit. In addition to this being the more sustainable option, it also renders the system independent of the grid power. It can be deployed virtually anywhere, be it the far end of the garden, an allotment, a holiday home or even a roundabout.

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